Saturday, January 9, 2016

Day 25: The Roof!

There are several major milestones in a tiny home's journey and getting the roof installed is one of the top events. Okay, there are more than "several," but the roof is quite a big deal. I mean, the hat is on!


I really like the way the eaves look. They'll look even better when everything is painted instead of just primed. The guys at Clark Louver Company did such a professional job. They took their time and really worked to get the pieces on snugly and exactly, especially around the dormers.

The process was really fascinating to watch. I hadn't really thought about how the roof gets on there so I was interested in watching each panel go on. I'm always amazed at just how many tools there are in this world and how specialized they can get. The seam crimper was cool and I so wanted the tools for bending and shaping the metal!

Chris from Southwest Skylights stopped by to discuss the skylight—not once but twice—just to check on the progress. What customer service!

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